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Highly addictive.

This game is highly addictive once you get the hang of it, I love it.

Makes you THINK

Very challenging, nice to have a game that makes you strategize.


After you figure out how it works it is addicting and fun to see how far you can go

Great Way to Distress

Love the game


Yes, this game has lots of ADs, but what do you expect from a free download? In fact, I downloaded some other apps because of those ADs, suckers! Don't want the ads, purchase the AD-free version. Developers need to make money too! But all in all, this game is amazing. Really a time killer, sweet "popping" sound effect when connecting circles to make larger numbers. Bored Strategic minds will enjoy this game. Parents with small children will enjoy this game. And YOU! you will probably enjoy this game..most likely without the ADs! K den, Shoots!

Interesting when you learn to string many along.

Interesting game. There are a few ways to play it. However...you do realize one of the repetitive ads is for a so called sims game "Hempire." The nice game that can only be assumed is meant to teach kids how fun it is to sell illegal drugs. I mean, what ever could go wrong?

Developer ads after removing ads

I paid to remove the annoying ads and I still get ads for other games from developer. Guess you don’t always get what you pay for. Game is a good time waster and removing the ads is a good money waster!!


I like the game it’s really fun to play but there are TOO many ads please minimize the amount of ads, they’re really distracting

Best Game for People With ADHD

I adore this game. My last game ended with almost 1,300,000 points. It’s something you can do with your hands kind of absentmindedly while you’re watching TV or listening to music or podcasts, which is something I need because I’ve got really bad ADHD. I play it to fall asleep at night and to stay awake in the morning. It’s great.

Intriguing with an obnoxious amount of ads

Once you get the hang of the game, it’s quite fun. You’re basically trying to connect circles to make bigger numbers, which you can then add to other numbers of the same amount. It’s not always about the size of the streak. Sometimes you need more of the same to clear numbers. Two things stand out: there are *way* too many ads. Everything you do that is not connecting a square (using an undo or a power up) brings up ads and not just one as, but two to three, back to back. It’s very disruptive to game play and I’ve considered deleting the game for all the extra time it costs. It would be much simpler to either offer an in app purchase or create rounds that require you to look at the ads.

Ad City!

Very little game play & tons of ads. Plus, the game forgets you watched the video so you can proceed, & guess what? You get to watch ANOTHER ad. Game would be more fun if sometimes the puzzle field were larger, & if you didn’t have to watch an ad just to start a game. I deleted it after just a few days.

Great way to pass time

It's a fun game to play if you’re bored or at a boring place. My sister and I love to play this if we are going somewhere or at a place when there’s no wi-fi.


Stumbled on this game and haven't put it down. Love the strategic moves.

Wonderful game

Once I figured out the idea of the game, it's very addictive. I really enjoy it! I don't mind the ads because I know it helps pay for the game, updates and support staff. Thank you for the great game, it keeps my mind active.


Perfect to keep me interested.

BECAREFUL!! Very addictive!!

This game makes you think and is the best time killer (game wise) I have found.


I really love this game! Challenging and relaxing!!

So Gr8

Addictive..... you must get it..... just got a high score 512

Addicting brain food

I love this game...thought provoking and fun....this is the ultimate brain food game.


I love 2 for 2 because it's really fun. I think that you should make a lot more games!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I like how two for two involves math so you have to pay attention. And has colors co you don't have to look at the numbers. Or if you are color blind just look at the numbers 🙂 Who cares about those stupid haters because I like it and a hole bunch of other people like it. So keep make if more games so that we are happy. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can't stop playing this game!!


Good game but holy there are so many adds

Great puzzle and very calming

I love playing this game when I have a few spare minutes to relax. I love math and puzzles so it's perfect. They do have advertisements (as most free games do), but they're short and some of the ads have good suggestions for games as well. Love this game.

Great time filler...relaxing

My new fave

Just What I Was Looking For!

I was looking for a game that was fun, a time waster, and addicting!! Im an artist and dont really play games. But I did want a game that would not be something like, Minecraft, Roblox etc. I just wanted something fun yet soothing!!! This was the game I was just looking for!!! (P.S. SOOOOO Addictive!!!!)

Ads messing w my phone

Would have given 5 star if the ads at the bottom didn’t mess with my phone because I don’t want sound so it turns my ringer down

Fun game but......

The amount of ads is astronomically stupid. I think I’d play this game more without ads.

Do not waste time playing this game!

This game was fun for 2 hours. Then it gets to a point where u can’t advance. So many bugs and glitches and tbh, it’s a copy of other games just like it.

Way too many ads☹️

This game is not at all how I thought it was going to be. There are so many ads and all the upgrades are to many coins and it won't let you get the amount of coins that you need to upgrade it. If you want a lot of ads, this is the app for you.

fun game!

already spent too many hours playing!

Fun game

The game is very addictive!! My only complaint is too many ads! Plus if you want to play a game longer you have to watch another ad. Very aggravating

Love it

I get bored fast but this game has me hookEd I play it everyday! Awesome mind game!!


Keeps freezing and glitching I loved it til Now.


Great game but the ads are wayyyy toooo annoying! Not just a single click to end ad but most need two clicks just to continue playing. Ads are very loud and a pain if you’re in a group.


This game is so addictive. I can’t stop

Addicting but way too many ads.

It’s fun to play, but the amount of ads makes it really difficult to enjoy. Kind of a turn off. Sorry :(

SOOOO Addicting!

Love this game!


This game makes you think through your every move and I love it! So addictive!!

I'm not actually sure how to win?

Maybe I missed something but I'm not exactly Sure how to win or advance. The directions are very clear. It's a fun game but the amount of ads is overwhelming. The funniest thing is I don't stop playing because I'm not enjoying the game I actually stop because I get sick of the ads.

Could be a bit better

I love this game, but my biggest qualm with it is that I can’t connect numbers diagonally. It would make so much more sense to connect them that way, then I could achieve a higher score.

Interruptions galore!

While this game is fun, an ad literally pops up every minute and cuts off what I’m listening to. I understand the need for ads but an ad ever sixty seconds means that this fun game isn’t so much fun and is now uninstalled.

No new updates?

This game is great! Whenever I'm bored with my other games ( which is more often than think,) I play this. But I've been wondering....what happens when you buy all the skins? I haven't seen many new updates....🤔

Awesome Time Killer

7.5m points took me 4 weeks for one game! This game is sooooo addicting, that I didn’t even care that I lost my job, wife divorced me, and the bank took the house. Fortunately, I don’t need active phone service to play the game, so I quit paying my phone bill, too. I just plug my phone in at the gas station and play till I fall asleep under the stars.

Great game but...

TOOO MANY ADS. Its not even the frequent nature of the ads, its how theyre presented. Sometimes it just interrupts midway with a loud ad and automatically mutes my volume. Now I have ti remember to turn it back on in other apps. Great and fun game but the business model is obstructive. Hopefully someone makes a clone of the game with way less ads or a different model.


It’s true. It Is super to strategize and get far, far.....Every time I think I’m going to have to stop, but suddenly I find a way!

Love the game, ads are too long though

Game is totally addictive & a great thinking/simple strategy game. The ad breaks are numerous which I don't mind because that's how they pay for its development, but they are entirely too long and require you to ex out of it twice before allowing you to resume playing

Great game, time sink

Too addictive, like colorful math bubble wrap

No ads isn’t really no ads

I paid for the NO ADS version yet ads continue to appear for other games. The “restore purchase” button is grayed our. Infuriating.

Unplayable because of pop up ads

Ads constantly pop up before, during, and after games.


Way to many of them

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