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Too many ads

Good game just way to many ads

So many ads

The game itself is great, but the amount of ads is just infuriating. As in between each game, and if you stop in the middle of a game and you come back to it, there’s an ad before you can resume.

Love the game but...

I love this game. But since the last update if I play an ad to get the next word thing or to get the bonus coins from the gift or revive whatever the ad plays and then the game goes black. It doesn’t matter which ad. Does it with all of them. :( so I have to close out the game and when I get back in the ad didn’t take effect so I have to try and watch it again. Also an ad every time I pop out of the game and back in is a bit excessive.

Love the game, BUT ...

This is a fun game that really let you excise your brain. It’s easily I will give it a five stars. But, after two days, I hate it. It just too many ads, way too many... also, sometimes you watch those ads, the screen just go dark. Very annoying.

Very addictive

Love this game! Highly recommend.


Fun game just like 2012

Good game

Good strategic game. There are a lot of ads though.


I love this game! So very addicting. I cannot quit playing.

LOVE IT!!👍👍😜😜😉😀👍🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾😊✅💪🏾

Love it but can you add dinangle plzz

Love the App

Thank You for creating this app and game.

A great game !!

Started playing this game a few weeks ago, I wish I know about it sooner I can’t stop playing. It really makes me think about the next move and I like a thinking game. So please try it !!!!👍👍👍

Such a fun game

I’ve grown to love this game because I realized you must be strategically thinking at all times. What I don’t like is the ads. I understand ads for games are always there because it’s a free app, but the ads happen during my game. I’ll make a move and it’ll take me into an ad. I feel like that’s very disruptive.

Why are there so many adds

This game could’ve been so much fun but because of the adds you just get annoyed


I like this game, but every time I play it an ad pops up on my phone telling me I have a virus. As I’m playing the game safari opens itself up and I get one of those virus screens. I emailed the two different virus screens that pop up and haven’t received a response

Enough of the ads

Great game if you can fix the spam.. doesn't make sense to reward getting to a higher level with an ad.... I'm deleting this from my phone.. maybe I'll check back in a month... Maybe you guys will have it fixed...

Battery draining ad machine

The game is fun and I’m not opposed to ad supported games but this game caused my iPhone 8 to lock or behave strangely. The constant pop ups including taking you to a site that says your phone has a virus is not cool. Also playing for 45 minutes drained my phones battery 40%-45%. Deleted and will not download again without serious improvements

Thinking persons game!! No bubble popping here!

Awesome! Makes you think ahead! Like chess...calculating and rewarding! Love it!


This game is so much fun! I can't stop playing it


I find myself playing this game when I should be studying. I’m just that addicted to this game.

Ads ads ads

Every other action opens the app store. And NO I'm not going to give you a screenshot because I'm not keeping an app like this installed.

Awesome game, but not color scheme

This game is awesome and addicting. But the change in the color scheme is a little hard on the eyes.

Ads too aggressive

Game is super good but ads are insanely aggressive and annoying. I usually pay for games I truly like, but I refuse to pay for this one because it’s such a shameless money grab. Such a shame.


I loved this game. It was definitely one of my favorites until it kept opening a page in safari every time I got on it. I thought it was a mistake at first so I deleted and downloaded the app again, but it didn’t help. The page in safari always says there is a virus on my phone. This ruins the game.


This game was great for 2 weeks. NOW I CAN’T PLAY IT. Everytime I open the game it takes me straight to the app store for some stupid game. Why??? Then I go back and it does the same thing over and over and over again. FIX THIS IMMEDIATELY!

Fun but so buggy

This game is so fun! The problem is there is all sorts of spam embedded in it. You’ll be in the middle of making a move and the App Store opens. It’s so sad. Had to delete it. It’s not like there aren’t already a ton of ads already without spamming players.

Math Appreciation!!

I'm really enjoying this app. The multiplies of two makes me realize how music and symphonies are based on this principle. So mind blowing... Update: there's a bug where the app automatically opens links in Safari and / or the app store. Sometimes this will happen three times in a row. I'm really enjoying this game otherwise. I don't mind watching the ads, I hope you fix it soon!!

HATE the new colours (but love the game)

How do I get the old colours back???

Love the game, but....

This game is totally addicting and hard to put down once you start. The downside is that there are A LOT of ADS. Open the app....AD, level up.....AD, new game.....AD, while you are in the middle of playing....AD. I mean, I get that the ads help keep the game free, but this feels a bit excessive. On top of that, the app randomly leaves the app to open new windows for ads, some of which are spam and acting as if they are Apple Security, saying that my phone is infected with 6 viruses. Luckily I know not to click on those links, however someone else may not. Would enjoy the game more if the ads were reduced to a reasonable amount and maybe just in between games. Definitely needs more control on AD content.

Not update keeps opening advertisements again and again

Game is good but new update has some bug which opens advertised application in app store again and again


I love the game but it constantly continues to open random ads on my phone. If I even click back into the game it does it again three times in a row.

Great & too much ads

I love the game but TOO MUCH ADS and redirects to App Store


Just wished it would stop opening my App Store and Safari!! So frustrating.


it’s fun but it keeps sending me to the app store for no reason in the middle of the game. thus, you are rewarded with only a single star. pathetic. RESPONSE: the game opens the app store and at some times the Safari app on my phone to a suggested app to download


Very addictive .. need to add more rewards thou

It’s a great game when it’s not having issues.

Ever since the latest game update, whenever I play, the game keeps opening up safari to one of those scams about a virus on the phone. It seems to be getting worse the more I play as it is constantly opening up safari while I’m playing or during an ad. I really love this game, but would like to play without having to close out safari, then switch back to the game every few minutes, sometimes seconds.

So disappointed with the update.

I’ll start by saying I love this game! I don’t know if I’ve ever played a game consistently as I have this. Every day for months. But with this new update, I hate the new colors and design. They hurt my eyes and I wish I could undo the update. Also not a fan of the new letters being added in. Sad that a game I loved so much had to change in a bad way :( thanks for the months of fun until now at least

LOVE this game, but...

Since the latest update I’ve been having consistent issues with spam ads & such interrupting game play, opening up the App Store,

Nice !

First - LOVE the music. I paid to remove ads. Very fun casual game. Good job!!!


Hooked me totally. Whether you're stuck in traffic or on a boring phonecall, this app is the go-to one.

Do not download this game!

When playing this game it will randomly pop up a scam site that offers you a chance at a $1000.00 Amazon gift card. The link goes to a scam site that will try to steal information off of your phone.

Takes you to ads without you clicking on them

It just randomly jumps without warning

Addictive but full of spam

Addictive but it keeps redirecting me to browser with spam and what it looks like virus.. therefore I decide to uninstall the game..


Nice alternative to other matching games.


Too many Ads.

Decreasing my rating

I loved this game so I purchased it. Originally giving it 5 stars. However - I am still bombarded with ads and forced to watch 30 second ad videos to progress through the game. The User Interface- tricks you to believing that if you watch the video you can double a number instead it’s a trick to get you to watch an ad or buy more coins. This is not a game where that is appropriate! Very bad user experience! Very disappointed!!! In the recent update, they added some very confusing features- but no where in their help do they explain what these are or do. App developers need to make these more clear.

Who changed the skin colors??

How can u do this, its been my favorite game for months since I downloaded it i rated it 5 stars it was just getting better and better .... until now u decided to renew the skins and to change the default colors ... what a crazy decision at least you could’ve kept it as old skin for people who got use on it ... u think its just a matter of numbers you are completely wrong... colors are as much important as the numbers for the brain to work smoother and faster... what a silly girlish colors you chose

Developer very responsive

The very first ad that came up in Safari was a scam that six viruses where on my phone. Did not press OK. Double clicked home quit Safari and deleted the app. Edit: Developer contacted me immediately. I am impressed and confident that if the above is their problem they will solve it quickly.

Fun but...

...the amount of adds is sickening.

fun game

very fun, very addictive. wish it displayed in landscape mode on ipad.

Love it!

Awesome! Quickly became addicted to this game!

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