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Already addicted!!!🤗😄😃😀😁😍😘😍😘😎


Can’t stop playing. Seriously. Idk why I’m so addicted to this, but I am!

Addicting but way too many ads

It’s fun and addicting but like every screen you click on an ad pops up like if it’s the end of the game and you click done a ads pops up or if use a power up a ad pops up

Game addicting

Game is great, but the ads for other games are plentiful and obnoxious. Bad player experience.

Great fun! Addicting!

A great mental distraction and exercise.


super fun and addictive - can't stop playing it

Thus game is sooooooo fun

This game is so fun if you are board just get on your phone and play this game

Highly addictive

I absolutely love this game. I would give it 5 stars but it has to many ads, it doesn’t stop me from playing though.

Paid for the app but still have to watch LONG ANNOYING ADS

Paid for the app but still have to watch LONG ANNOYING ADS. What’s the point of paying money if it doesn’t do what it’s supposed to? DO NOT PLAY this game because of the ads and DON’T PAY FOR THE GAME because of the same ads!!!

Love it except for one thing.

Really do love this game. It’s my “go to” game. Just one thing I don’t like...... the “helps” get so expensive, way too expensive. Makes it impossible to continue. No fun.

Fun addictive game

Fun addictive game

THIS is the game I've been waiting for

I love mind games and this one is so perfect. I've only played like 3 times so far but I can already tell that I love it and that I am already addicted haha! Definitely worth downloading!

Gamer Girl

This game is so addictive!! I can't stop playing!

Surprisingly fun!

This looked interesting so I downloaded it. I had no idea it would be so fun and addicting!


This app is not compatible for the ios 9 and up, i tried to download the app and i tried to play the game but the app kept crashing


Great game

Strangely addictive

It certainly isn’t the best iOS game on the App Store, but I find myself going back to it quite a bit. No real issues with the game.

Great, but

I love this game but it over heats my phone like crazy and I can’t even play longer than 5 min

This app would have been very fun if there wasn’t so many apps😭😭😭

I star is all I have

I love it

I got 14906 on my first try I love this game.already hot addicted first 15 minutes

Addictive, strategic AND FUN

Couldn’t put it down. Played for over a month and finally couldn’t make a move. I would love to know what the high score is. I ran out of moves at 1,328,432! All I can do is start over again.... wish me luck

Fun game but....

I’ll admit, this game is pretty fun. But you can’t get much of anything done without seeing an add about every couple of minutes. It’s super annoying. I’m probably going to quit playing just cause I’m so annoyed by the amount of ads I have to watch. You have to watch one to continue a game, start a new game, after you complete any number above the 500 mark. And basically anything else you want to do on the game. If the number of ads go down I will play more and more, just saying.

Boring and lame

I got stuck with this app/game when it populated on another app has an ad. I had to downloaded it to get it to close in the other app. I played this game out of curiosity. This kind of game isn’t for me. I find it mind numbing and stupid. I have played a couple games and will be deleting it. It’s about engaging as watching paint dry.


This game is very addicting and I don’t even mind the constant ads. Two thumbs up!

Addictive game, questionable app

First of all, this game is amazing. You will waste will more time then you should on a game on your phone. This is probably one of the most addictive games I have ever played for phone. Now for the bad stuff, and the reason for my three star rating. Every time you reach an achievement or end a level it will force an advertisement. The only way to avoid this is to turn off all data including Wi-Fi but even then sometimes it just hangs the game for a little while. I have not dug through to see if there is a way to get rid of the advertisements by paying a little money, but that seems to be pretty common for games like this. The game could use a little fine-tuning mostly in that you can never really get rid of any tiles. You can combine them but you cannot get rid of them. At some point there has to be a way to stop getting 2s...

Great game

Nice challenging game

Love the game, detest the ads

This game is absolutely fantastic but the ads are absolutely intrusive and destroy the fun of the game. I understand that they need to make money somehow but this is the worst I have ever seen. I even bought the ad free version yet here I sit though ad after ad. Let me say that again. I EVEN PAID FOR THE AD FREE VERSION AND ALL THAT DID WAS GIVE ME LESS ADS. THE ADS ARE ALL 30 seconds long. It is such a shame that such a great game is operated this way. Don’t sell an ad free version if you are going to force me to watch 30 second ads every few minutes. Over and over and over.

Game review

Love the game. Hate the ads!

No Ads???

I would have given this app way better score, however I purchased no ads for 99 cents, and I STILL GET ADS. If you’re not going to take the ads off, DONT offer it

Tee Bird-River

This game is challenging at times and pretty fun.


It’s addictive

Good puzzle type strategy game

I’ve been playing the same game for weeks. Wondering what the high scores are! I would share a photo of my progress if I could.


I love this game, but it used 8.2GBs in 4 DAYS. I had to call my cell phone company and they confirmed it was because of this game.

Just got a crazy high score

Score 1161264 Crazy

Paid does not remove ads

I paid to remove ads because my son enjoys playing and the kinds of games and high number of advertisements was ridiculous. Paid does not remove ads! The silly “challenges” have gotten annoying. When I first downloaded it was just play - now you cannot skip the “challenges” which become nearly impossible to achieve. When you do try to skip one - when the option to do so is given - you have to watch some ridiculous and long game ad.


I keep getting ads and they are very annoying.

certain parts of the screen won’t work

ok this game is 100 percent one of favorites i play it a lot. but recently when i’m playing certain parts of the screen won’t work. it won’t let me connect the numbers at all? and i’ve tried closing the app and opening again but it just isn’t working

This game is amzing

It triggers my brain in places I have never felt it is an amazing. I think you should add a commotion or like an arena so players can battle. Your fan

Too Many Ads

This is truly a great game however the number of Ads is absolutely ridiculous. To get extra coins you have to watch ads, to get a save, you have to watch an ad and even after you watch an ads for all of that, you have to watch another one before the game will start. I get it, the ads generate revenue but I’d gladly pay you a couple of bucks to make the annoying ads, that I don’t watch regardless of how many you put in the way of my game play, go away.


Honestly one of my greatest game of all time.

Love this game.

Easy to play. Entertaining and quick to play while waiting or spend hours. Easy to gain coins, you can play without spending real money. Excellent.

Love this game!

I’ve had this game for a few months and it’s so addictive. It gives my brain a challenge, but overall a great game. I would definitely recommend this to a friend.

Too too many ads! Annoying!

Deleted dots game for same reason.


Love it!!!!

Too many ads and the score is incorrect

This game is very addicting BUT the ads are too long and annoying. Aside from that the scores are often incorrect. For example if I have 4 2K when I combined them instead of giving me a total of 8K it gave a total of 6K. It is very frustrating. I am planning to delete the app. It is not worth it!

2 For 2

Hi there

Highly addictive

This is a highly addictive and brain challenging number game. It is one of those puzzles that you just have to figure out and beat your own scores. I thoroughly enjoy spending a few minutes every day trying to top my high score. I would recommend this game to those who enjoy strategy puzzles.

Strategy game love it

This game is great it’s not one where u think u have to match all the numbers cause that’s what I thought you actually have to think and strategize what to do. Love it. Give it s go.

Keeps jumping between games

I like 2 for 2, but it is impossible to stay in just that game because if you hit new game or continue or home, it takes you to all kinds of other games I have no interest in. I’ve looked for a paid version that would cut this junk out and haven’t found it. 2 for 2 is a good game. It would be great to just be able to play it.


Seems to be a new popular thing to advertise all the time throughout the app (like every 30 seconds). Then it says "buy to remove ads" but it only removes the banner ads, but the annoying ads people really want gone are left to plague the game! I would give it a 0 star for dishonest manipulation for financial gain

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