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It’s not a puzzle game

The game is built to appear to be a puzzle game, except each level is not a set-in-stone puzzle, but rather a game of chance. It’s statistically difficult (impossible?) to learn how to beat levels when the computer does not give you the same replacement pieces after each move. If you beat a level, that means you got lucky and randomly received the right parts at the right time. Neat concept. Would be better if it were consistent.

Fantastic game

Very easy to learn. Hard to master beyond the 8K range (at least for me). Great idea well executed. Congratulations.

Bugs prevent me from playing

Liked this game, now it won’t open properly. It shows up like you are about to play, but the dots aren’t there.


This game is so fun and I love it 💗

Days of fun

This game is terribly addictive. When you sit down to play it, after you figure it out, please don’t think you’re going to finish it in a few minutes. It will take days and you can always come back and pick up where you left off. Your skills get better and better the more you play it and the intuitiveness of the game provides you with success when things look very gloomy so you keep playing. Nice job to the developers.


Title says it all!

I absolutely LOVE this game!!!

Simple but addictive, this game keeps me up late on a regular basis. Only play if you're prepared to be obsessed!

so many adds

too many adds

Such a fantastic stress buster!

I love this game! It may look very easy and simple but trust me you will find yourself needing to be very strategic! I love that! When I just want to stop stressing over things, I play and within the first few minutes I am totally focused on the game. That’s important these days, life can be so demanding. It’s a fun way to be distracted when you need it!

Ads after a game and also before I start a new one?

That is stupid.


I thought this was a fun relaxing game but instead they ruined it by putting so many ads it’s really annoying !😠

Addictive and fun!

At first I thought this would be one of these games with lots of ads, but there were only ads when you lost! A was playing this game for hours and hours I did a game for 6 days! I had fun playing this game! I never got tired of this because I could always find new strategies.

Fun game but battery drainer

This is a very fun and addictive game. Be aware that it will seriously drain your battery when you aren’t playing. Be sure to double tap your home button and completely shut it down when you aren’t playing.

Two Video Ads After Every Game?

I understand that you need/want to monetize your game but showing two ads back to back after a finished game just feels cheap and unneeded. I probably won’t be back because of it.

Super unique app!

This game is super addictive! I love playing this on flights, long car rides and pretty much everywhere. I would definitely recommend this game to a friend.

Stopped working

I liked this game but now I’m under 100 coins and I can’t play at all. I click on the button ton watch an ad for 25 coins but it doesn’t work. I’m willing to pay a little to play but the no ad for .99 doesn’t even let me know if it will work after I pay that. Super frustrating. Update: paid the .99 cents. Game still won’t do anything!!!!!!!!! Update: paid more money for more coins and it STILL WONT WORK!!!!! I want my money back!!!!

Ripped off

I paid for no adds and I’m still getting adds. Love the game but I’m unhappy about this issue.

Fun, addictive & challenging

I really like this game because it makes you think out your moves it’s not just a mindless clicking game. So, if you’re stressing or worrying or obsessing this game helps give your mind something else to focus on, allowing you to relax.

Luv this game

Only thing I hate is the interruption to advertise more games. Any way to get rid of this annoyance.

I think the game is great!

In my opinion I think this game is great! Yes sometimes it didn’t save your games and sometimes it can be very intriguing. But this game is very fun and addictive, and also some times annoying that you can’t pass the level you are on. I would give it five stars, but you would have to play it for yourself so you know why a have a four

Adds galore

If you love watching adds every 5 seconds this app is for you! But if you don’t like watching adds every 5 seconds this app isn’t for you.

Fun but

It is only worth it if you remove ads.


I love this game but Don’t like the way they keep wanting you to make purchases. I will probably delete this app for that reason.

Too many ads!

With an ad after every level, it seems there’s more ad time than playing time. And rules not apparent- you can connect when you change directions, but int doesn’t increase score. Wish there was more explanation of rules.

Clever and fun

This game is extremely fun and addictive. Worth the .99 to skip ads.


As much as I’m about to call this game crap, it’s honestly not. But there comes a time, when you click that ‘X’, oh that x, to say, “No, I do not want to watch an ad to revive”, and as soon, as SOON as you click the ‘x’, what do you see? An ad. A flipping ad. One you just said no to. And that has happened repeatedly. Also, there is no restart button. Why, I have absolutely no idea. It would be great if you could fix these to bug/problems and I would gladly change my rating. Otherwise there are no problems I have found with this app, but will be heard about if I do [find any more problems].

I gave it one star because...

The power ups get progressively more expensive. NOT fun!


It’s pretty fun but a lot of the time I’ll match like 4 16’s and it’ll only give me a 32 when it should be more. That’s only an example, it does that to all the numbers. It gives me way too low numbers for what I match.


I play this game way too much and way too often! At work and home .. everywhere! Suddenly hours are GONE! I do hate that i paid the $0.99 for no adds but I still get them. Even if I have another game loaded, I get ads for them. Very irritating when my play is delayed for the same ads over & over or ones I already have

Warning You Will Get Addicted To This Game

2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512 1024 2048 4096 8192 Can Be Addicting


This game helps pass time. But what stinks is all the ads. And it’s not just one it’s several in row. I’ll continue playing. It’s a good game.


I am addicted... probably goin to ruin my relationship 😂😂


I enjoy the game but paid to remove ads but in order to continue games you have to watch full size ads (videos) of their other games. That felt bit deceptive.

Great game!

Reminds me of 2048 except that it (2 for 2) doesn't make me want to rip my hair out. Don't get me wrong, it's still challenging, but in a fun way. There are ads but they aren't all up in your face so it's not incredibly annoying. Overall the game is fun, it runs smoothly, and they even have some challenges in case you get bored of the regular game. Also there are some cute skins available for the game.

Good game

Requires strategic planning and is very enjoyable. Several family members watched me play and have now downloaded it to their phones too. Worth having.


Love this game. It's a get lost for a while😁

Touch screen

Every app on my phone is functioning except this one. It isn’t picking up when I touch the screen. It’s fun when it works, which is rare.

Numbers nut

I am a numbers freak. I love puzzles that make me use my mind, that aren’t just about luck! This game is addictive, hard to put down. I rarely buy the NO ADS version, but I definitely did on this game. I’m not a big fan of ads, but appreciate I can continue a long streak by watching a single ad.

Love this game😍

Actually i have to say thank you all to making this game..it’s amazing and i playing all time and everyday🙏🏻❤️it’s so exciting and i enjoy with it😊🙏🏻

2048 To a new level.

This app is a great play on the game 2048. It really makes your brain work.


Please make some where there are infinity plays.

Way to many ads!😩😫💔

To many ads can barely play the game


I love this app, but the advertisements for other games in the middle of playing is very annoying. It does not make me want to play the other games, but rather stop playing this one! Not a good use of advertising.

Can’t stop playing

Haven’t figured it out yet, still fun! Kids keep grabbing phone to play game every time they see it!

i love this game

this is literally my favorite game. i play it every day and i have a high score of over a million lol

Ads ads ads

Ads are Extremely long and they play frequently. Makes the game unplayable

2 For 2

Very addictive game and can help with math.


I always play this game when I don’t have anything to do, or if I need to pass time, it’s never let me down, unless I lose...

Definitely recommend!

Fun, challenging (but not irritatingly so), no annoying timers or ads.


I first downloaded this app a month ago and I absolutely love it! I am totally addicted and I can't stop playing! Very good game for the mind and improving sharp eyesight! Really good app! Also, the themes are so pretty! I definitely reccomend it for those who are craving for a fun and addicting puzzle! 😍 💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜❤️💜

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