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Way to much fun.

This game is hard to put down!!!!

What did I pay for??

This game is really fun so I paid .99 to play without ads. Guess what? They’re still there!! What did I pay for??

Great and entertaining app

I constantly play this game and I have had a great experience with it. It is very enjoyable and hard to stop playing it!

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addictive but ....

Try it, absolutely you’ll love it. Beware! you’re gonna lose a lot of your precious time.

What happened??

Used to love playing this game especially since I could play it when I have no cell service. Now when I open the game all I get is a blank screen with coin spending options up top and not dots to connect. Fix this correctly and it would be 5 stars

Too many ads

Game is fun, but too many ads. Especially reduce the 30 second ads where you just watch a finger pointlessly click columns the entire time. Tune Blast. I will never download that game because I hate the ad so much! Reverse advertising!

Too many ads

I LOVED this game when I first downloaded it. I couldn’t put my phone down. But now I have no problem putting my phone down after I start the game now. There are WAY too many ads. I hate how after every game ends there’s an add. I understand an add per every three games or more but after every game is just flat-out annoying.



Fav Game!!

I love this game, it’s my fav

Way too many ads every several moves!

Ads pop up every several moves, sometimes after just one move. Could have been a fun game. Too bad advertisements dominate the game. Couldn’t take more than five minutes of it. Uninstalled!

Fun, but...

The game itself is quite fun. However, the ads are WAY too long and prevalent.

Way too many ads

unplayable or at least unbearable because there is an ad after basically everything that you do. between each level there is an ad between each redo there is an ad, sometimes when you try to start a new game there’s an ad. It seems like there’s an ad after just about everything that you do in this game. Tried to play for a few hours and basically gave up and deleted the game.

Awesome game

Awesome game ! Me and my dad love playing this game when we get a chance, but i feel like you should put it so we can go cross but otherwise it’s a great game!! Thanks

2 for 2

This game is awesome

Engaging game

Lots of fun but I wish the price of the power ups didn’t double at each level - that is discouraging and may end up making me leave the game.

Can’t play game anymore

Loved this game but now when i load it all i get is a blank screen. Please fix the bugs.


Ok this game is really fun and so addicting but there are like 1000000000000000000 ads! I downloaded this game an hour ago and I’ve already gotten like 40 ads Open a new game-AD Finish a game-AD Make a new high score-AD AFTER EVERYTHING YOU DO- AD! The concept of the game is wonderful but there are just too many ads. Another thing, There are like 3 different ads that just play over and over again. If this is not fixed by Monday I am deleting this app for good!

Paying for add-ins

I just downloaded this game and paid the extra for no ads. It worked until I quit playing the game. The next time I played the game I got so many ads that more than 1/2 the time I played had ads. I do not think paying for no ads each time you play is user-friendly. I like the game but can’t play due to all the pop-up ads (I paid extra to not get them.) Very frustrating. The ad issue has resolved but now when you get the times up to 2K or above you cannot get the bonus points/coins. I can never get the 4K or 8k bonus. Not happy about this. The game is addictive.

Love it but too many ads

Very fun game but you lose your rhythm with all the ads that even appear DURING a game.

2 for 2

It’s so awesome cool


Nice game but sometimes when I try to drag something to connect 2 or more it won't do it. It MIGHT be my phone because it is old


when i saw an add for this i didn’t think i would get so addicted but a sister stayed up all in playing this. maybe it makes me smarter lol but i love this game so much.

Fatal flaw

The game is super fun and addicting. I played a single game for a few months and got my high score up to 5,581,560. But the thing that killed this long-running game was the slow booting time and the fact that there is a “new game” button when you open it up... WHY?!?! I clicked “continue” and somehow the lag caused it to click “new game” instead and restarted my game. It should NOT be this easy to kill a game I’ve been playing for multiple months. You need a double-confirmation system for restarting games. I’m not sure if I even wanna bother restarting and trying for a new high score...

Fun game annoying adds

Fun game annoying adds

Awesome, but ads

I love the game but, it has too many ads


This game is addicting!!!! Prepare for it to take over your life. Pretty dang fun!


Addictive game. Please provide a way to turn off the music. The Music is very annoying. I can’t just lower my volume on the phone because I like to listen to music etc. while I play the game. Also the numbers can get a little sticky. Otherwise, I enjoy the game.

Great game. A 2048 twist

This game is great! It’s very strategic. If you make the wrong move you could get the small numbers trapped between the larger ones and you can’t clear the space up. I highly recommend it


Can’t stop playing. A lot of fun.

Wayyyy too many ads

Great game, addicting but all These ads are ridiculous


I like game but too many ads and no instructions or unclear instructions on how to use boosts, switch, power up, multiplier etc


The game is interesting but I wish they had better instructions.

Never hassled by ads. Able to play as little or as much as desired.

My month long game was quick and easy to play for as long as I wanted even if only one move or hours while patiently waiting at medical facility. Never troubled by advertisers.

Super Fun

Ads are soooo long sometimes you almost get tired of waiting for it


Very addictive


This game is so fun, only bad thing is you don’t want to stop playing!!


This game is very addictive and I enjoy it very much.

Too many ads

The game is pretty addicting but the amount of ads is ridiculous! I understand you can pay more to rid them but I mean, some of them I’m actually interested in. I do download some of the promotional apps, so I’m doing my part -but seeing them repeatedly thereafter is annoying enough for me to stop playing altogether.


So I’ve had this app for one day and I’ve already gotten addicted to it....I’ve been playing non stop since I got it and it’s a really good game I highly recommend it to play and for math


Very addictive Only problem is app locks up occasionally so I have to delete and re-load


I purchased the ad free version, yet the game still shows me ads from time to time.


Am I the only one noticing the adding on the game? For example you add three 8 coins and it says its 16.. am I missing something???

Love It!

Great game with challenges appearing to keep the interest high.

2 for 2

Totally Addictive!!!! Can’t stop playing!!!

Love the game, but....

This game is totally addicting and hard to put down once you start. The downside is that there are A LOT of ADS. Open the app....AD, level up.....AD, new game.....AD, while you are in the middle of playing....AD. I mean, I get that the ads help keep the game free, but this feels a bit excessive. On top of that, the app randomly leaves the app to open new windows for ads, some of which are spam and acting as if they are Apple Security, saying that my phone is infected with 6 viruses. Luckily I know not to click on those links, however someone else may not. Would enjoy the game more if the ads were reduced to a reasonable amount and maybe just in between games. Definitely needs more control on AD content. **Update** I was contacted by the web developer quickly regarding my review and was asked for screenshots of the ads. I sent these right away. I continued to play the game for a bit, with hopes that the ad issue was being addressed. No luck. I eventually got sick of dealing with the ads and just deleted the ap. 6 months later, I’m getting another message from the developer requesting screenshots. Can’t screenshot something I don’t use. Loved the game itself, but the ads were so out of control, that I refuse to download again. Going through other reviews, I see I am not alone on this.

One of my favorite games

I can stop playing this game I love it

لعبه ممتعه


Caution! Beware of misleading purchases

I Love the game but hate the Ads so I purchased the No Ads and my purchase didn’t do a thing! I still get a ton of Ads! What a Ripoff!


While I am addicted to this game, since the last update, during gameplay some of the tiles stop matching and I have to close out the game. It started out intermittently, now it’s every 30-60 seconds.

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