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Tile Addict Gamer


Too Many Ads

I love the app, it’s so addicting. However, I feel like there needs to be more clear goals, diagonal lines should be able to be made, and there need to be WAY fewer ads. I understand that there should be ads if you want to continue on a level, but ads after every single level is just ridiculous. I would give this a full 5 stars if it didn’t go over board on the ads.

Was better before...

Now your game just ends- e.g. you can come back to it a day later. No as much fun. Kind of a bummer.


When I first downloaded this game a few months ago, I found it to be super addictive. Within the last few weeks, I have been redirected to the App Store MULTIPLE times during each game while playing. Every time I touch the screen (six or seven times in a row!), the game closes and I’m taken to the App Store. Ads are one thing. But this is ridiculous. I opened the app to play just a few minutes ago and it began redirecting me to the App Store WITHOUT MY EVEN TOUCHING THE SCREEN! Every time I closed it and went back it did the same thing. I open it, don’t have time to touch the screen, get redirected to the App Store. That’s too bad. It was a fun game. Deleting from my phone TODAY.


The ads take all the fun out of this game!!!... why take a great game and mess it up with intrusive ads?! #uninstall


I love this game! But it continually opens random ads and when I try to play the game.

Ads ads ads

I have this game for months. I haven’t played it for a while. An update on the apps has occurred. Now after about 10 moves, the ads will keep on taking me to App Store that has nothing to do with this game at all. If this isn’t fixed, I’m deleting this game for good.


This game was incredibly fun when I first downloaded it, but now I can’t even play the game without being directed to the App Store to download others games every two seconds.

Good app but too many ads

Every time I leave the app I have to look at an ad and every time I win

Minus one star for long repetitive ads

This would be a 5 star game for me if not for the constant, long ads that break into the game play


This game is AWESOME. I love it.


On my old phone I had this game and before I upgraded which was only a week ago every time I would try to make a move it would go straight to the App Store and show me another game to download. I thought it was just the app needed to be updated. For the past week I haven’t been able to play this game because every time I even touch the screen no matter what screen in the game is opened I takes me to the App Store and won’t stop. The game is completely up to date. About ready to just delete it and find something different.

Very addictive

Great time killer always going on my phone

Fun game. Addictive. Too many Ads

I enjoy this game however the ads are pushing me away

If you like puzzle games - this one’s for you

Addicting..... I like it!


Yes I’m aware that this game is free but whenever I try to connect something it will always direct me to the App Store for a completely different game. I don’t mind border ads but I go back into the app and I always end up in the App Store. Please fix this, otherwise great game!

Ads, commercials, and auto links! Awesome game

Great fun game...but, when I open up the app and start to play I get automatically redirected to the app stairs to download ANOTHER game. I go back to the game and it will do it 3-4 more times. And the commercials...every time you touch anywhere but the circles on the game board you have to watch a commercial. There are no real instructions on how to play the game, you just go through a mini demo. Apparently you can use power ups (I don’t know how or what they do), also there a done circles with letters on them, (I don’t know why or what they mean). I think some instructions would be so helpful! Way way way too many commercials and auto links. I could handle a few but this is CRAZINESS!

Fun, but way to many ads

This is a fun game and I enjoy playing it. But there are FAR TOO many ads. If you step away from the game for a second and the screen turns off, to continue you must watch an ad. After you loose, watch an ad! I am deleting the game because of this.

Too many ads

Why too many ads have made this game almost unplayable, if you don’t want it to be free than charge for it!

Holy Cow!

What the heck was that! I was playing the game when all of a sudden some extremely inappropriate content popped up on my screen!

it’s great, and it’s a fun app but too many ads

I really like this game, and it’s a great way to pass the time, however, there are SO many ads. It really, really bugs me that every time I want to start a new game, I have to watch an ad. if you are patient enough to watch a lot of ads, then I highly recommend this app, but if you’re not patient enough I don’t recommend this app.

Ads galore

The amount of ads has changed the gameplay. It’s almost unbearable to play now. Yes the developers need money and I can’t blame them, but good lord the amount of time to play each rounds is insane.

Update? More like downgrade.

Use to be 5x5 board. New update says you can change the board size. You get to choose either 4x4 o4r 3x3.... What dumbf*** thought this was a good idea? Uninstall, on to the next game.


I loved this game when it let me continue playing the same challenge. Now it starts a new game on me in the mid afternoon. I totally agree with Kaitlyn, I’m done. If the next update put it back to the original I continue. Thx

Lose your high score with updates...

With iOS and App updates you will lose your high score. This is my husband and I’s fav game and he had over 900,000 points over 4 straight days of playing and the update wiped it all out now for the 2nd time. It was a forced update too. How are you going to fix this? I mean, my high score is no where near his, which is like 1.5 million, but if he’s at risk at a reset anytime what is the motivation to continue using your app? Super frustrating! This is why the app doesn’t get 5 stars.

Won’t save recent games anymore

I’ve had this game on my phone for a few months now and when I got it, it had ONE game setting. That was it. And the games would always save even when you closed the app, so each time I went back on I was still able to continue my game without it being cancelled. Well a few weeks ago it updated and there are all these new game modes with different boards and I only have interest in the original board so that’s what I keep playing on. I had a high score of over 400,000 and exited the app to do something and when I went back on it was gone. I had to start a new game. I thought, okay, maybe that was because it went through an update so everything is just new. Well it’s happened almost every day now and each time I have a pretty high score, my whole game is compromised when I go back on I have to start brand new. I’m usually not one to complain of something and never have I left a review on an app especially a game, I would rather just delete it after something annoying me that much but I really enjoyed playing this game and it’s very irritating that all my games have repeatedly been compromised. I find it pointless to go on and start a new game when I know my potential is practically impossible to reach now when my game will be cancelled if I have to exit the app at all. Would be nice to hear a response on this and for a fix to be put in place so people can stop having this happen to them.

Heed the warning!!!

This game is fun yet addicting.


The app has way too many ads and it freeze the system up when you try to X out of it. Why can’t you do diagonals as well??

Really fun but WAY too many ads

The game is awesome and really fun. Like 2048 but adds unique functions. My only issue is the absorb amount of ads, any time you die, start a new game, or a hit a milestone like: 512, 1k ,2k and so on there is a full screen ad and most times it’s a 30 second video with a game demo after it and it’s really in the way. Plus there is always an ad on the bottom of the screen. Fun game and I don’t want to set it down but what makes me is the frustration of constant obnoxious ads


crazy addicting been playing for almost 12 hours !

This game is not worth playing anymore

It was very challenging and addictive until las update. Now can only play 3x3 and 4x4.

To many ads

The game would be a lot better if it weren’t for all the ads

This is a wow game

It is fun and challenging, plus it’s actually free. The only things you pay for are things you might want but you don’t need them to get ahead in the game at all. It is a wonderful wonderful game. I love this game it’s perfect as is.


I really like it Thanks a lot ♥️♥️👌🏻

Love this game

A game worth playing!!! Love it

Save your $, Purchase does not remove ads.

5 Star game 1 star purchase. Love the game, dislike the ads. Purchased to remove ads. The only ad removed was the quick one that comes up at the start. I don’t mind watching an ad for extra coin, but I do mind being required to watch an ad to use my last undo since purchasing was suppose to get rid of ads.


Absolutely addictive just wish it had less ads :(


I open this app every where I am, I can’t leave it alone


Love this game so great!

Addicting, but...

A great game. I would pay for an ad free app. But the ads are ridiculous. Don’t even get started. It will get u hooked and then you are paying $10 for another turn so you can watch more ads. Shame on the money grabbing developer. There has to be a version of this game AD FREE!


Not enough point for watching a video 😕 Overall a good game😊

Totally addictive!

Way fun, lots of quick calculations, some strategy, lots of button pushing to keep bored fingers happy. However way too many ads! Let me again say way too many ads!


Very fun game. I just don’t appreciate the “reward” of watching an ad every time I level-up.

Very addictive!

The game is very addictive and makes you thinks ahead!


Y’all have made amazing game ever like I can think 💭 about the game and nothing else. I am so happy that you have made this incredible game because when I play this game all my stress that I have like from school or at home 🏠, my stress completely fades away in a matter of seconds. All of y’all are the best game creators on the 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍.


Talk about a fun way to challenge your brain

Good but...

This is a great game for all the thinking game fanatics, like me, but why can’t you go diagonal? I understand that without it going diagonal it would be impossible for you to lose, but some people prefer doing something over and over that’s impossible to loose because that calms them down. Just a suggestion for maybe a new game.


This s like one of my favorite games.I love that it helps you think of mathematics.I gave this game to my daughter and she is thinking hard.Her favorite subject is mathematics.So she loves it so much that she can’t stop playing.

Too many ads

This was a fun game, unfortunately it is just chock full of ads. After every board there is a video ad.

2 for 2

Is fun, challenging and really cool once you start to get the hang of it.

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