2 For 2 Examine App


I absolutely love playing this game it keeps me occupied when I need to pass time and it never gets boring !!! 👍🏼


Very simple but addicting love it

Pop ups

The game is awesome but I hate the random pop ups that takes you to the safari browser automatically


I absolutely love this game! super obsessed!!

Fun! But chill on the ads

I love the game and the concept. I know you guys are trying to make money off it but really? Ads when I launch the game and ads every time I die? Ads when I unlock my gift. Money hungry, deleting.

Purchased ad free version but it’s not ad free

Downloaded this app a couple weeks ago. Really liked the game. However, the ads are long and and there are tons of them so I purchased the ad free version. But to my frustration, it is not ad free at all! I also emailed support days a go and have received no reply. I may feel some addiction to this game, but not sure I like it enough to deal with the ads after paying for an ad free version and get no response from customer support!

Addictive but bad quality

Love the concept of the game. It would be great if they’re weren’t so many bugs on the app.

Fun and addictive

Too much fun! I play it so much it’s hurting my wrist and eyeballs. I’m not going to say “it’s worth it,” but it’s worth it!

Best Strategy Game!

After playing my first round I loved this game. It makes you think. Kinda like 2048 but on another level! Great play


All of the numbers I want to collect are diagonal from each which is not an allowed move. Reshuffling the board costs more each time you use it and the coins you collect in game are not enough to buy anything so you need to watch the ads but with the prices going up you need to watch more to get anything.


This is addicting!

Concept is simple, but addictive

In this game you join together the same numbers until the are no further options. Simple... but trying to figure out tactics to keep the game going as long as possible can be addictive.


Just started playing a few days ago and already I am hooked! The challenge is to see a few moves ahead to keep scoring. I love it!

This game stills your money

I paid the .99 to get this game add free the adds drive me nuts! After purchasing it it froze my phone and kept telling me to purchase the add free. Don’t know how many times it charged me and then when I finally got back to the game a stupid add popped up!

Continuous ads make it an awful experience

Great and addictive game. However, even with a paid version you still get annoying ads all the time. What is the purpose of paying for it?

Amazingly addictive!

So I’ve been playing the same game for a while now. I’m at nearly 3,000,000 as my score and still goin! Very addictive!

Too Many Ads

Way too many ads... Spend more time clicking through ads than playing


I paid the $.99 for no ads and I'm still getting ads.


Crazy addictive. Simple game with a ton of strategy and reasoning required.

Ads are crazy bad

Cute game, but I spend more time watching ads than playing. Delete.

Great game

This game is wonderful and helps me relax. It’s very calm but fun at the same time

Loved updated

Love the game. I play it everyday but just today an ad for Purina keeps popping up every 15 seconds. It freezes the game or even ruins my moves. Ads are fine but this new one literally comes up every 15 seconds. Please look into this. ****** the issue with the commercial stopped about 3 days later. And I haven’t had the problem since. Thanks guys!!!


I really enjoy this game, but even after paying for the ad free version I still get ads and 30 second commercials for other games. Don’t offer an ad free version if you still plan on showing ads.


I can’t stop playing this GAME😍

4 stars

I love it but there is a bug like, I like this bug but every time I try to use the app it gives me coins and it says daily bounce. I’m telling you this so you can fix it

A game for intelligent, math-centric minds

A game that truly makes you think!

OKurrrrr let me tell you



This game is amazing I love the challenges

Love it, helps with anxiety.

This app is perfect for relaxing and melts away my anxiety, which has become more severe recently, so thank you for this app! One thing though, is there any way you can add an option to make it darker for nighttime play?

Too many ads

Too many ads

Overwhelming ads for average game

The gameplay in this is relaxing and fun, but I end up the opposite of relaxed when trying to play. Opening the game, using power ups, reaching new scores, even just in the middle of playing; there are ads CONSTANTLY. I can barely go twenty seconds without a thirty second video popping up, meaning I’m sometimes spending more time in ads than playing the game. Additionally, it often takes me to some virus link in safari (this is usually for no discernible reason while playing). I would never recommend this creator to someone.

Love the game, detest the ads

This game is absolutely fantastic but the ads are absolutely intrusive and destroy the fun of the game. I understand that they need to make money somehow but this is the worst I have ever seen.

2 for 2

Way too many ads, the game is good but I give up because of the ads, close one down and another pops up

Ads ads ads

This would be a 5 star game but it is polluted with ads. I would pay to have a clean version.

Cool game

Awesome game, waaaay too many ads

Too many ads

“Would you like to watch an ad for a powerup?” No thanks. “Great, watch here’s an ad for you to watch anyways” 🤦🏼‍♂️

Very addictive 😊

Love it!

Waaay too many ads

First time writing a review and this highly addicting game is severely downgraded based off of the numerous ads... one I get but three back/back? And if you reach a high score it stops with another ad. Come on... please please fix the frequency.


I downloaded this because I was looking for a new game to play on and off during the work day and during all those times we wait around in our daily lives. This definitely fit the bill! I love being able to go in and out of the game and it saves my progress. This game also satisfies my OCD tendencies. The matching of numbers and colors sometimes takes over from the point of the game. I made up my own game to scratch an OCD itch! I got so caught up playing this game one said day on lunch, that I took a 2 hour lunch instead of the 30 minute lunch I planned. I honestly thought I was gone from work for 30 minutes. Imagine my horror to find it had been much longer! My friends, family, and significant other are always rolling their eyes at me saying “what is it with you and that game???” If I let it... this game could ruin my relationships and destroy my career! I am that obsessed and addicted to this game!!! Now...Let me explain the 3 star rating considering it contradicts with the review I gave. It has A LOT of advertisements! Every time I open it, Advertisement. Any action outside of playing, Advertisement. When I hit a certain number while playing, Advertisement. Then there are two advertisements for the same product I have to exit out of every time. I understand one is the advertisement and the other a demo, but it’s A LOT!!! I also understand that you are paid to advertise... again it is A LOT of advertising! There is also a freezing glitch. The game freezes for a few seconds when moving numbers periodically. It happens at least once every time I play. The longer I play the more frequently it freezes. It also freezes sometimes upon opening the app. This occurs on the opening screen with the four circles with numbers in them. At times too, the screen will go black and I have to reboot the app to get it to go away. And finally, the app drains my phone battery very fast. I realize that’s probably not something you, the creators/editors, can fix... but it’s very frustrating considering I now have to carry a phone charger when leaving the house so that I can play the game on the go. All in all, I love this game. Despite my issues, I continue to play as often as possible!

Great Game...Overrun with Ads!!

I love the actually game. So fun! I would recommend it to everyone but the ads are out of control. They require you to watch and listen to the ads for as long as 30 seconds before allowing you to continue playing. If I could pay for an ad free version, I would. As it is, I can’t stand all the long interruptions!! 😫

Ad hell

The game itself is mildly amusing. I thought it might be a good game for my kids because it requires a little thinking and strategy. But the ads make the game unusable. I know to expect ads when playing a free game, but this is excessive. I'd estimate that 25% of the time spent on this app is spent watching ads. Too bad.

I love this game now!

I did have this game a 1 star, but after the last 2 updates, it's gotten a lot better! It still has a major ad problem, but it's more fun than the ads are problematic! Great game!

Pay for ads, still get ads

There are too many ads to be able to play. I sprang for ad-free, but still had to sit through thirty seconds of a Yahtzee ad. Infuriating. I’ll contact Apple to get my money back.

Very Fun App

Even though it does have a few adds that pop up every now and then, this app is very fun to play. I personally love this app and usually play it when I am bored or have no other things to do. I recommend this app to really anyone. At first I was confused about how like 3 times 8 was 16 but I soon realized it really didn't matter. Thumbs Up!👍🏼

Too many ads

This game would be so much better if you didn't have to watch an ad every 30 seconds.


Except it gets in the way of my work lol

Ruined a good game.

This game used to be a lot of fun. I haven’t played it for awhile but figured I might like to get back into it, except barely a dozen moves in to my first game I was ripped out of the game into my browser to tell me I had won something on Amazon. Good bye 2 for 2, that’s worth a permanent uninstall right there.


So much more fun than 2048

Don’t Pay for NO ADS

Not sure why they charge $ 0.99 for “NO ADS” whey they charge you $ 3.19 and STILL SHOW YOU ADS. It’s frustrating to play a game and then every time your doing good you have to stop and spend and average of 30 seconds watching some game ad. If I wanted to play those games I would have downloaded them by now. So again today I pressed the “NO ADS” for $0.99, can’t wait to see what they charge me this time. Nowhere does it say that this is a “DAILY FEE”. I will be contacting iTunes for a refund. The game is great ~ I love numbers ~ makes you think and I love the challenge of beating my high score. PLEASE FIX THE NO ADS!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely Love

The game is by far the best game for me on the iOS market. I love the simplicity, the sounds, the colors. It’s peaceful. But still a challenge, eventually. I suggest paying to avoid the ads though, and I pay for nothing lol. Kills the mood and vibe of the game waiting for those ads when you hit certain milestone numbers like 1k. Hope they don’t change this game ever.

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