2 For 2 Examine App

Great game

Awesome brain bending.


So great I don’t have much to say though. Just wow I love it ❤️💛❤️ soooo cool thanks for the amazing app 🙂

Needs one more thing 😐😐😐😐😐😐😀😁😍😍

Every thing is awesome but it has one thing to it,I kind of am mad 😡 because you can’t go diagonal!😃😎😐😐😐😐😐😬😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😐😬😬😶I am 7 years and I love ❤️ the game!

Good app fun but.......and a big but

It glitches, the commercials are super long and all the time.

Very entertaining but..

It used to be 100 coins for a background but now it’s about $2? That’s a rip off!


So addictive but challenging. At first, I thought it was just a slide and go type of game but soon realized the need to think ahead. Frustrating, definitely when the right numbers don’t come up but overall I love it.

Thinking helps!

Fun game and great for relaxing!

So addictive

I mean it is not even funny like I got my whole house into this game and we are competing over the highest score. It is like a drug on a phone I need rehab...

Awesome game - annoying ads

First off, this game is super addicting. As a game I love it, but as an app it needs improvement. The ads are way too intrusive - particularly the sound in them. If you have the sound turned off in the game, it doesn’t matter: the ads turn on full volume, which is very annoying if you’re trying to listen to something else or in a place where you need to be quiet. This game would be much better if it had an option to buy the full version without ads. Ultimately I decided to delete the app, because it kept crashing and because the ads were so annoying.

Great but…

The game is great and it’s extremely fun, however the ads can get very annoying very easily.

Fun game

The game is very addictive!! My only complaint is too many ads! It seems like every time you turn around, when it ask for new game or to continue same game it pops up another ad, this continue several time until you finish a game.

Fun and addicting

This game will keep you from getting work done. Great time killer in the waiting room.

2 For 2

Stay away from this app, you'll never get anything done!

2 For 2 For 4

I love this game however I have accidentally restarted about 4 times. When you exit and come back it asks do you want to continue or restart. If you hit the restart button it does not ask, “are you sure?” Obviously I need to be more careful but still it’s an accident that I’m sure I’m not the only one. Also I bought the night backdrop with my in-game points and now it’s making me re-buy with my personal money which is fine, but where is my coin reimbursement?


The music is so soothing. I love it

Bravo! Great app!

So addictive and fun! Well done


Cool game....but Jesus Christ there are way too many ads, and these ads take way too long to get rid of. Would have been 5 stars but those ads stopped that


I love this game because it's challenging I love challenging games because wants when you reach your goal you still have power left to do more


Fun to do when you are bored

Stupid Progressive Ads!

This game is super fun EXCEPT having to sit through 15 second ads. Plus an ad every time I logon, level up or win a high number. It ruins my flow completely. 👎🏼

Fun but ads

There’s an ad for virtually everything. There are even times to watch a video to get bonuses and if you say no there is still an ad. If it weren’t such a fun game, would have deleted a long long time ago.

Not so fast

What an addicting game. You must plan your moves to work the pieces into a position you need to combine larger numbers.

Very addictive

Love it!


The only reason I wanna give it 4 1/2 stars is because there’s way too many ads..

Fun game

Challenging to get higher nimbers

Great app

Nice game.

So fun

Quick and fun!



2 for 2

Love it and addicting

Great fun.....BUT....

Very addictive and time consuming, it’s really hard to stop playing! BUT....they like to brag about all their bug fixes.....they NEVER get fixed!! It freezes up all the time and I have to shut down and restart my phone, or delete then download it again to reset it and make it work again!! It’s totally ridiculous and needs to be addressed immediately!! If I didn’t like the stupid game so much, I’d delete it for good! And another thing that’s very annoying is how many LONG ads it has!! You get to a higher level, and you get rewarded with a 30 second commercial!! But, if you can put up with the above mentioned problems as I do, then please give it a try!

Love it!

Great brain game.

Addicting but frustrating

It's addicting, to be sure, but it's frustrating that there is no benefit to getting higher scores. The power up tools become more & more inaccessible as the game progresses, which is ridiculous. There should be some sort of reward or bonus as your score climbs.

Very good game

I like the combo of strategy and thinking ahead.


Best game I've gotten in a while

Good time waster

I especially enjoy these pick up and put down style games. The game does a good job loading from where you left off and that encourages me to come back whenever. Definitely not an immersive experience by far, the game is ad supported and annoyingly so. Still, good puzzle game that requires planning ahead and adapting to curve balls.

OMG! Way too many ads!

Want to undo? Watch an ad or pay. Want to use ANY feature? Watch an ad or pay. Trying to collect before I fall in love with the game makes me feel like the game just a crass attempt to get my money. Words With Friends got it right and I have paid them over and over. Your game? No.

Great game

Really enjoy the premise and aesthetics of the game. Easy to pickup and play. Adds in the middle of play are annoying. Newer versions are more stable. Biggest concern is that it is a little too addictive. Great job


I love this game! My only complaint is the amount of add for other games and that they make you wait and watch like 30 seconds worth.

I love it but,

I love the game play but I’m giving it a low rating because I previously bought skins using the coins I earned from playing but after the update, the skins I previously unlocked now has to be unlocked threw micro transactions

Love it

I love the game so much. Moving up is very satisfying but there is just a lot of ads it’s like a little ridiculous

It’s ok. Prepare for long games.

The gameplay has to be done very backwards like.

Needs an Update

absolutely love this game but lately it’s been crashing and I can’t even play.. Also it’s an overload of ads. I understand they need to make money but it’s excessive. I play it a lot but i’m deleting it because of these two issues

Fun but ads galore

Updated: free version has too many ads. Paid version is awesome! [Original: I'd pay for this game if that were an option to remove the ads. I enjoy playing it but get frustrated at the amount of ads that interrupt play constantly.]

Fun but needs fixing

Every time I clicked undo, nothing changes and it gets wasted... I used to like this game but it doesn’t want you to get far or something.

Wow, finally a game...

YES! WOW! Finally a game where thinking and fore-site is a must. This is an addictive game where your mind, your eyes and your coordination has to work together avoiding the mess ups. I’ve been playing this game for 2 days and I really can’t close the app to do something else. My mind wants to keep going! I want to give this app a 4.75 ⭐️s because the app and my fat fingers is having a love/hate relationship. And since there is only 3-UNDOs both my brain and my fat fingers really have to be cautious of what path I want to map. Thank you for this app, since the only other apps I tinker with are sudoku apps and Disney apps. So, again, thank you for this app where coordination of both my mind and body becomes an exercise. You have made a home-body a very happy person! THIS APP IS A BRAIN WORKOUT!

Good before updates

I really liked it before the updates. Now sometimes it randomly opens up ads in my browser. And you can’t unlock themes anymore without buying them. It was simple and relaxing but it’s becoming a bit less appealing with the updates.

Can't put it down

Got to get some sleep! 😂

2 for 2

I kind of like this game except that if you add 2 plus 2 plus 2 it dose not equal 4!!!!!! Other than that this is the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simply addictive

I should’ve never started playing this game. It is simple yet simply addictive.

Use to love it, but..

Understand that I have to deal with all the adds when it’s a free game, but the latest update took away parts of the game I got to enjoy before? No longer get a “second chance” after I’m done with a game, like I used to.

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