2 For 2 Examine App

Best game ever!

I love your game it is so relaxing it is so much fun I love the 16 ones I get two fours and get 8 and get 16 and a lot of sixteens until I can’t get anymore sixteens and make more relaxing games so more people can love your games keep up the good work😄🤟 /date Tuesday October 16 2018 10/16/18

Very enjoyable

I really enjoyed playing this game. Prob one of the few I’ll never delete. Great concept. Decent strategy needed. I feel the power ups are a bit too many coin. Other than that’s, the game is great

Dis sh!ts great!

Man I love dis game. It’s awesome when you just wanna relax and not think about things. You can just slide and swipe away at the screen and still win!

Driving me crazy

I love this game it help me relax listening to music and playing this games hours go by fast but keep me coming back to see how high I could go,, love it.

Inappropriate ads

Whenever I play this game inappropriate ads show all the time and only with this game

Overheats my phone and drains battery like crazy

I usually wouldn’t write a review for anything even a bad app, but trying to play this game seems like it will actually damage my phone. Within 5 minutes of opening the app it starts to run super slow and my phone is pretty hot to the touch. If i keep trying to play it will stop working all together and the phone just gets hotter and hotter. As soon as I close the app my phone starts to cool down. The app also drains battery like nothing else. I don’t really understand why this is an issue, I’ve never had an issue like this with any other app.

Simply addictive

This game is fun and addictive.


I had SO many adds!!!! I was in the middle of a game and it kicked me to an add and then to safari to try to get me to download to something. It was fun don’t get my wrong but it makes me angry what I can’t even play the game because of all the stupid add. Y’all need to do some serious updates and work out the bugs.

Hate the ads

I really like this game but plan to delete it because of the ads. It’s the first game I have played that has 30 sec ads that are you cant get out of.

Good app

I enjoy this game

Crazy Addictive

If you’re able to get over the initial leaning hump, then you’ll most likely get addicted to this game. After a few days, I found myself thinking about this game all the time, itching to play it, finding excuses to pick it up. Then it got bad. I started dreaming about the number connections. It would be the first thing I thought about when I woke up. I’d think about it when I was at work. It’s a subconscious kind of thinking about it though, so I can’t stop. Those number connections are now always happening in my brain, as the background soundtrack to my life. I’m going to have to stop. But...after this weekend.

Great Game but Buggy Ads

Game is a lot of fun and almost problematically addictive. Easily leaves you wondering where the last hour went. However, it regularly pops out of program to link to long chains of App Store applications or redirects to internet ads. I’ve no problem with the occasional pop up but this has me thinking to uninstall.

Game is fun. Nag screens are awful.

This is a fun game, but I may be forced to stop using it. Charge me a small fee, but stop the constant ads. They get more prevalent over time. I WILL NOT buy the stupid advertised games!


Hard to put down.


Love this game but recently have been getting spam while playing. While the game is open, it will bring me to Safari and several different windows will pop up- some being porn ads! I hope this glitch is resolved because it is very unfortunate for an otherwise addicting game.

Too many commercials

Every time you pass to other level or even when you are playing it appears others game and the worse most of the timed don’t have the x to close the window of the other game! It’s annoying so many commercials all the time!


Apple this app is auto opening the App Store repeatedly. Other days it open web pages automatically. Apple you got rules up the yin yang and this hasn’t been covered? Other than that I like the game.

Ad Glitch

I don’t know if this is deliberate, but the game randomly open the App Store for no apparent reason. Driving me nuts. Ruining an otherwise fun game. Does it several times in a row, then doesn’t for a while. No rhyme or reason.

WAY too many ads

Literally every time I lose, it shows an ad. Whenever it says “play an ad for revive”, I say no, but then an ad pops up out of nowhere

Suddenly became a pain!

Really enjoyed this game for months. Two weeks ago it started automatically opening other games and apps. I’d close them and it would do it immediately again and again. It’s obviously hacked and I’m not waiting for it to infect my phone. Just deleted it from my phone.


Way to many ads! I had to delete after 20 minutes of having the game because there was so much ads! It was ridiculous!!

Favorite game until sudden launch internet

I have played this for months. Then the last two days in middle of a game it launches safari then opens website after website. This is the only app this is happening with.

Fun, challenging

This game really makes you earn the points because it requires you to think ahead. Good fun!

Ad delivery system

This is not a game. It’s an ad delivery system. If you were remove the ads then it would be a delightful game. But as it stands every time you turn around you’re required to watch a video that you can’t skip until the infernal X shows up to let you out of your self-imposes misery. It was a promising few minutes but now it gets deleted with the rest of the ad delivery systems.

Lousy Bugs. FRUSTRATING. Bad game!

This game has a lousy bug which makes it UNPLAYABLE! While playing the game it will automatically switch to an add using the web browser. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it but it continues. Very disappointing. I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND this game because of that.


Real fun. good job guys


Great mind game! I play quite frequently. The ads/ updates are so frequents I have no info to rid idea how to alleviate this problem This game calms my nerves

Too Many Ads

There are too many annoying, forceful ads to deal with.


Like the game so far. With the exception of the ads. I know, ads help make it free, but a dozen in a row so as not to be able to play the game? Come on. There must be a better way to show the ads. Update. There are some serious spam issues going on. Sending you to unknown pages that may have viruses? That’s not cool. Need some real work done to take care of this.

What’s Up?

I’ve enjoyed this game very much, at least up until the past couple of days. I understand why there have to be ads and don’t really mind it too much. I’m not willing to pay for not having them. However, for the last couple of days when I have to wait for the ad to be over with, I get directed straight to the App Store to buy what the ad is offering. It’s not just a couple of times either. Tonight I closed the same thing 4 times and still was directed to the site to buy it. If it is still doing this by tomorrow I’m finding something new to play. There are lots of other things to chose from without this much hassle.

Great game for a puzzle and strategy app🙂

I give it 5 stars just because it’s really a great app for strategic and it also helps you think a lot smarter as you go along. I’m just simply amazed that it’s really easy and challenging at the same time, so I give this a huge thumbs up 👍. Very good on the skins as well which totally makes the game a lot more unique in its own way. Overall in my opinion it’s one of those apps that deserves a huge rating and awesomeness. Keep up the good work.

Too many pop ups

When I play the game the ads interrupt and pop up on my screen. When I try to go back it pops up again. Problem needs to be fixed asap because I love this game!!


Finally a game for using quick math skills and shapes … AWESOMENESS!

Fun learning game

This is a fun learning game that is easy enough for anyone to play.

Hate it

I had this game for probably only 1 hour and I had got at least 25 adds. And the quests don’t work, for example I had a quest of I had to get 8 in 1 and I got 12 and it didn’t give it to me. This happened 5 times. And many other reasons I don’t like this game

ad nauseam

Fun, but a knock-off of 2048 that forces you to watch endless advertisements.

Paid for no ads. Still get ads

I really like the game but I’m frustrated with the constant ads after I paid for no ads. I emailed the company and never heard back. Disappointed.

Too many ads

Seriously, I will pay to get rid of the damned ads. It's unbelievably annoying

Too many ads

Game would be better if there weren’t sooo many ads

1 Star

I used to love this game and could deal with the in-app ads... because it’s kinda fun. Yesterday it started glitching and sending me to the App Store for different games and productivity apps with every single move I made. I got so angry I rage-deleted. Fix this!!!


I need help. I am totally addicted to this game. It is so much fun. The only downside is all the ads. There are way to many of them and it’s the same ones over and over. This will quickly become your favorite game

The ads are way to excessive

I have enjoyed playing the game, but the ads are excessive and forcing me into the App Store to view other apps ever 5-10 moves is insane. I play several games a do not mind the ads or the short videos. They are so often and so many that I have deleted the game.

One of the best games I’ve ever played on iPhone


Can’t go diagnle

When I got the game I thought it was going to be a great game it is but I was really upset when I found out you couldn’t go diagnle I hope someday that will be fixed but I was upset I couldn’t give it five stars

Fix your ads

I had this game for less than 12 hours. The first bit I played everything worked fine. Then I went back to play several hours later and the game kept opening up the App Store trying to get me to download other games. It wasn’t like a regular ad it was in the middle of game play. Every time I would touch the screen to make a match it would automatically open the App Store to a different game each time. I deleted the game after trying to play through it for several minutes.

Loved it BUT

I loved it! Got addicted unfortunately I deleted it because it keep kicking me out in the middle of the game bringing up the App Store to random apps and It wouldn’t let me finish the game!! I would have kept it but ITS SO ANNOYING TO KEEP BRING UP APP STORE AND KICKING ME OUT OF GAME SORT OFF LIKE A POP UP VIRUS! FIX THIS AND I WILL DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN!

It’s okay

This is a really fun game, but it has WAY to many adds. I can’t even play a full game without the app trying to take me to a different website. You guys really need to clean this app up !!!

Worked well at first

The more I play this game the more hesitant it becomes. I noticed that the ads and internet connectivity slow it down tremendously. Sometimes it won’t even register moves if internet connection(cell data or WiFi) is struggling. The ads have killed my enjoyment for the game as they seem to be the biggest issue. I turn off cell and WiFi and it works fine, not sure why the constant ad refreshing kills the game play.

Great game—GLITCHY app

Love the game, but, I can get more than 2 moves in before it randomly pops open apps in the App Store—very frustrating.

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